QR Codes

How have we been using QR Codes in our school?

We are piloting an iPad project for 6th graders in our district and they get to take home their iPads. I know right? Awesome...

We used QR Codes for the first week of school where they had to go in a scavanger hunt around the building to get to know it and also use their apps along the way. So the clues were:

CLUE = We are here to help. Who are we?
DOCUMENTATION = "This is the Office - use your camera app to take a picture of yourselves outside"
App 2 Use = Camera

We have been using the i-nigma QR Code reader by 3GVision:

And also, QR Code reader and scanner by shopSavvy, Inc.

We used the QR Code Generators:

Here is my QR Code - Have fun creating yours!

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