Blizzard of 2009

Xmas Message!!

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Our new "toy"

This year we decided to get us something nice for Christmas. This is our new "toy". In case you know any websites for free books, please let us know! It can be in any language. Thanks for spreading the word.

A free resource that we know is: ManyBooks
Feel free to use it and share!

Merry Xmas!

Wedding number 2!!

Last but not least...

Wedding in the U.S.A

Thank you family and friends for making this moment unforgettable for us!

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The Glass Castle

This is a book that I am reading at the moment and I am thrilled with it but at the same time angry with it.
I haven't finished it yet I am reading page 116 out of 288. So far I can describe that this book left a bitter taste in my mouth.
The book is a memoir about a journalist "Jannette Walls" and her difficult life growing up. This book shows at the same time a shocking real life story and her strength and positive view about life.

Great Video About Human Behavior

"Reading is fundamental" Dr. Krashen says.

Dr. Krashen said in his lecture in Fairfax:

"The better the SCHOOL LIBRARY is the better the reading scores are"

"Students have to have ACCESS to books in a comfortable and quiet place and this place is the SCHOOL LIBRARY"

Here are some websites suggested by him:

Dr. Krashen's website

The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

Susan Ohanian's website

Jim Trelease's website

Alfie Kohn's website

ESL Podcast (This website is run by his former student)

Give books away. Get books you want

Some tips he gave in the workshop:

READ in the language you want to learn, READ in your own language, READ, READ and READ!

2nd Grade's Play

2nd grade students read and role-played the story: Emily can't sleep.

Mrs. Sousa's Quality Students

Quality Students by camilasousa

Listen to our Quality Students

Make your own Clone and edit

Chef Sousa

Chef Sousa... LOL!

Father's Day - Dia dos Pais

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Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures - Part 1 - Brazil

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Bridal Shower....

And here comes the beautiful bride.... LOL!!!

It seems that in the end I did not get all the answers correct!! oooppsss....

Professional Pictures of our engagement...

My School Website...

Visit my school website and take a look at our vision and mission!!


Found this video at Ana's facebook... It's worth sharing!! :-)))

Lovely Cruise to Bahamas...

New Year!!! 2009

animated fireworks

First Snow...

Yes.... Lots of snow and schools were canceled!!

Unbelievable... Ice!!!

From the balcony of my place... My car blended in with the snow and you can't really see it... LOL!!

Great video...

"and so this is Christmas"....

Christmas in Manassas...
My student and I...