Great Video About Human Behavior

"Reading is fundamental" Dr. Krashen says.

Dr. Krashen said in his lecture in Fairfax:

"The better the SCHOOL LIBRARY is the better the reading scores are"

"Students have to have ACCESS to books in a comfortable and quiet place and this place is the SCHOOL LIBRARY"

Here are some websites suggested by him:

Dr. Krashen's website

The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

Susan Ohanian's website

Jim Trelease's website

Alfie Kohn's website

ESL Podcast (This website is run by his former student)

Give books away. Get books you want

Some tips he gave in the workshop:

READ in the language you want to learn, READ in your own language, READ, READ and READ!

2nd Grade's Play

2nd grade students read and role-played the story: Emily can't sleep.