My sister-in-law does the PR for Orglamix so I decided to try their organic make-up. I am a make-up lover and do not like everything; I am very picky. I got it in the mail today and absolutely loved the colors I got. The website even suggested the best colors of eye shadows for the color of my eyes, I thought it was awesome!! The company is very professional and I really enjoyed the fact the owner answered some questions I had. I love the package it came in which was very girlie and fun! I have to say that it arrived pretty quick as well.

Here are the pictures of the products I got in the mail today. Hope you all enjoy it as I did :-))

Culture is a funny thing!!

Growing up in Brazil I always remember going to parties or birthdays parties and eating hot dog sausages, my mom would chop them up and put on the table and we would get them with toothpicks it was awesome eating those. The way I have seen them in parties in Brazil, the hot dog sausages are taken right out of the package, chopped  up and sometimes we would see them in a plate with chopped cheese and sometimes with olives or even both. Fun memories :-))

Last week I was happily in the kitchen keeping my husband company while he was cooking some hot dog sausages for himself while I was waiting for my soup to be ready then he chopped the hot dog sausages and I just grabbed one and put in my mouth as I would do in Brazil!! He was disgusted by it.... He shouted Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... It's uncooked DO NOT EAT THOSE!!!! and I kept eating them and I even grabbed another one.... He was soooooo worried about me, he advised I was going to be sick for doing it and I explained that if I did not die until today it is not going to be now that I would because I have been doing that since childhood....LOL!! But he kept his concern to himself and did not want to kiss me afraid of the "uncooked" hot dog sausage.... Then he read the package and it attested that those were cooked indeed so he gave up on preventing me from eating them but he would not try!!

Culture is indeed a funny thing :-))

New Year's fireworks in Chicago!!

Navy Pier's fireworks.


Wearing white to bring a lot of peace in 2011!!