Photo Booth Pictures

"La Photo Cabine" is really cute! Even though it is in French it is easy to use. When you access the site just click on the curtains to enter the Booth and then allow your camera to work with their website and then click on the red button on the right corner.

Have fun! :-))



When I heard that my school was about to by some Elmos for the teachers I was wondering if they would buy those "dolls" from sesame street so we could use as props for reading theaters as well as realia. LOL! But all they were talking about was this amazing tool for teaching.

Teachers tool = Digital Visual Presenter "document camera"

With Elmo you can simply put your book or any paper on this pad shown above and it will project it to the wall or to your screen. Isn't it AMAZING?

I use it for:

Word Sort
Present new vocabulary
Sight Words

A cute video

This video is a lot of fun and we can use with our students for descriptions and ask questions such as what is she doing? What is happening in the video? We can also pause and ask for predictions.
It's worth watching!

Interview with Ana Maria Menezes

Breast Cancer Awarness

It was a pleasure to interview Ana Maria Menezes.

She clarified a lot of things about cancer for us. Enjoy watching her positive outlook on life.

Thank you Popi for your generosity!

I used glogster for educators for this presentation because in my school the glogster page in blocked. If in your school is the same case here is an option.


A great friend of mine and former co-worker Ana Maria Menezes interviewed me and here are the questions she asked:

1. When / Where did you start teaching?

2. Where are you teaching at the moment?

3. How did you have the opportunity to teach in the US?

4. Can you tell us about your job there?

5. How is teaching in the US different from teaching in Brazil?

To watch the interview click on the picture bellow.